Artists for Nature Foundation-Great Fen Project

The Great Fen Project was the first Artist for Nature trip in which I took part. I had been given the SWLA/ANF Young Artist Award in 2004 and eagerly awaited the announcement of the next project. Previous years had seen trips to India, Peru and Alaska so when the Great Fen in Cambridgeshire  was announced it seemed less of an adventure when so close to home. In hindsight it was perfect as it allowed me to travel back to my workshop to weld and it helped that I was familiar with the landscape. It was quite intimidating to meet and work alongside so many talented and renowned artists but I was made to feel very welcome and it was a fantastic experience.

Stalking Bittern

I  made the most of the derelict farm buildings and created a number of “found object” pieces from old traditional fenland agricultural tools which I salvaged from one of the old farms within the heart of the Great Fen site.  I used these to produce a number of sculptures of creatures that are found in the area. The collage of old tools and scrap metal allow the spirit of the fenland farm to live on within my sculptures, following the ethos of the Great Fen project in creating natural history from agricultural history.


Dragonfly Nymph

Great Crested Newt