I have made large scale sculptures for several public art installations. My earlier projects were made of sheet steel with the addition of some found objects for details.

My more recent works are made entirely of found objects and include a life sized sculpture of a farm horse for Somerset Rural Life Museum, a life sized Irish Moiled cow for a Museum in Dungannon, NI and a collage of a life sized Shire horse for a housing estate in Norfolk.

‘Punch’ Somerset Rural Life Museum

This project was for a public art piece to celebrate the working horses of agricultural history. The museum is housed in an old farm and my sculpture has been named Punch after one of the horses that actually worked on the farm.

The sculpture is made of old tools and agricultural scrap so everything you see had a past history and use.

Punch, Somerset Rural Life Museum
Punch, Somerset Rural Life Museum

Irish Moiled Cow, Dungannon

The Irish Moiled cow was created in 2012 for a museum in Dungannon, Northern Ireland. Made entirely from found objects the majority of which are agricultural in origin the piece was commissioned for Ranfurly House Arts and Visitor Centre. See my page about the project for more information and photos.

Irish Moiled Cow

Shire Horse Collage

In 2014 I was asked to create a Shire horse for a public art piece on an Abel Homes development in Watton. The site used to be the stables and fields on which Shire enthusiast Noel Abel kept his horses so the family were very keen to commemorate this.

I decided to use a collage technique for this piece. It meant I was able to make full use of the shapes of each item and ‘draw’ the horse with the tools. I was especially pleased to include horse related items such as horse shoes in the legs and an old hame from a horse collar in the neck. The ears are cobbler’s lasts and there are hinges and stays from barn doors in the body.

Shire Horse

Red Deer Stag and Hinds

This was a commission for the Euston family. The life sized red deer stag and two hinds are installed in the grounds of Euston Hall, Suffolk. It was completed in 2009 and is made from sheet steel. The sculptures can be seen by the public when the Hall opens during the summer.

Sheet steel Red Deer Stag and Hinds at Euston Hall, Suffolk.
Stag and Hinds installation in progress

Suffolk Trinity

In 2006 I was asked to make a life sized Suffolk horse, redpoll bull and Suffolk ram for the entrance to Trinity Park, the Suffolk county showground near Ipswich. This installation is one of my earlier works and is made using sheet steel with found objects for details.

Suffolk Trinity

Plough Horse and Man, Dromore

The Plough Horse and Man was made in 2007 for a public art piece in Dromore, Northern Ireland. The sculpture was placed close to the site of the old blacksmith forge on the outskirts of the town.

Plough Horse and Man